Monday, June 30, 2008

Hoarding Food on a National Scale

It's not just Mormons that are hoarding food these days.

Entire nations are now sharply reducing food exports in order to feed their own countries. Seems logical enough. But what about the rest of the world. The places that can't grow their own food. The places that rely on other countries agricultural magic. This is the subject of the latest in a line of stories that the NY Times is running. (Much like the Washington Post, they now have an on-line section devoted to the food crisis. Again, EIGN would like to point out that we started that trend, or at least we like to.)

The hoarding nations, including India, China, Vietnam and nearly a dozen other countries, are causing the price of rice, corn, and other basic food goods to skyrocket. "The restrictions are making it harder for impoverished importing countries to afford the food they need." (nytimes)

Didn't we post something about food riots a while back?

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