Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Look Up More.

This USA Today article begins: "Summertime — a time for sunny days, beach weekends and of course, leisurely reflections on the end of the world and the monster asteroids that could smack into us." It also quotes a man who has written a book entitled: Death from the Skies! These are the Ways the World Will End. It also spends a good deal of time talking about Tunguska. (You know about Tunguska, right?) "In terms of risk to Earth, astronomer David Morrison of NASA's Ames Research Center says a Tunguska-magnitude strike could happen once every two centuries." That blast could destroy a city the size of Los Angeles in seconds. Or exasperate the global. food. crisis. Awesome.

According to another scientist, who produces the article's conclusion, "The sky isn't falling, but there are still good reasons for keeping an eye on it."
Reasons such as giant balls of rock and ice and fire on a direct collision course with our little planet, or those little rocks we can't even see in the sky that are waiting to fall crashing into your skull, or a rock taking out a satellite, thereby preventing you from using your stupid fucking blackberry. See? It all comes back to you, bitch. This is all your fault. Thanks. (this is not a direct attack at any of our loyal readers)

Just remember, look up more.

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