Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Sport The Olympics Really Should Shouldn't Should SHOULDN'T Be Televising

Final proof of the moral decline of man! Boycott the Olympics!

So did you know that the olympic athletes (and who knew that there were over 10,000 of them) have access to over 100,000 condoms in the olmypic village? That's the potential for a LOT of sex. And that's only counting the people that have "safe" sex. (Please note: there is no safe sex. the only safe sex is abstinence. Sex before marriage is a sin. You will go to hell.) If you figure an equal distribution of men v. women (EIGN statisticians have no access to data about homosexual athletes, so we'll assume that everyone there is straight as the arrow the gold medal archer uses.) (Please note: Homosexuality is a sin. You will go to hell.) then you have nearly 10 condoms for every athlete. They don't talk about this on NBC, do they? Star athletes at the olympics don't have sex, right? Wrong!

...Olympic organizers are providing 100,000 condoms for the 10,500 mostly young, well-conditioned athletes in Beijing...

Sex may not be an Olympic sport, but that won't stop athletes of all disciplines from going for the gold. And this time around, 100,000 might not be enough. In Sydney, Olympians went through 70,000 condoms, and 20,000 more had to be brought in. In Athens, 130,000 were distributed." (foxsports)

OH the humanity! "[The] fact is, Olympians have received free condoms at every Games since Barcelona in 1992 to raise awareness of AIDS." I now call on all Christians moral people everywhere to boycott the Olympics until this egregious behavior is banned and not sanctioned. Turn it off. Shame on the Olympics for promoting sin! Shame on YOU for watching! And just think about it. How many of those 10,500 athletes aren't even 18? Won't someone think of the children? Why won't someone think of the children?

(Pardon our headline editors crisis of conscious above. You will soon be able to visit him, and the Olympic athletes, in hell.)

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Matsas said...

go to a doctor immediately!!!