Wednesday, August 13, 2008

GNW XVIII: I won't have to put up with your shit anymore

Great news for me this week. Soon I won't have to put up with any of you again. (Yes, you. And everyone else.) I'm getting off this rock.

According to "some leading astronomers" it is predicted that we will make contact with an extraterrestrial civilization sometime within the next 20 years. (
"The search for extraterrestrial life will leap forward next year when NASA launches the Kepler space telescope. The instrument will be constantly scanning the same 100,000 stars over its four-year mission with the exciting objective of discovering Earth-sized planets in the habitable zones around suns."

The only problem I see is that two decades would put us well past 12.21.2012. Here's hoping this find is within 3 years and not 20. For those of you NOT excited about this good news, you'd better start getting those tinfoil hats ready. (photo from

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