Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Zealand Crows Master Archimedes Principal

According to stuff.co.nz, which cited the legit online science journal PLoS:

"A scientific test showing how a crow uses stones to raise the water level enough to get the treat floating on top.

Auckland University psychology researchers Dr Gavin Hunt, Professor Russell Gray and Dr Alex Taylor presented wild New Caledonian crows with a tall half-filled tube of water, which had a small piece of meat floating on the surface.

When given a collection of stones, each of the four birds – Pepe, Caesar, Mimic and Laura – quickly learned to drop them into the tube to raise the water level, allowing them to fish out the food."

I will never be "eating crow" again, that's for sure. They were always scary, but now they're just terrifying.

[image via google images. who knows where they got it from]