Thursday, January 6, 2011

Robot Soccer Players

Tiny Robots playing soccer (poorly) are almost cute. But holy shit, check out the mother f*cker below. That's terrifying.

The group that runs the robot soccer games - RoboCup - was created "with the aim of, by 2050, creating a team of humanoid robots that can take on and beat the best human players." (

2050!?! If I ever saw this thing on the field I'd run and it would win now.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Birds and Fish Dying Unexpectedly Arkansas

Thousands of birds have fallen out of the sky, inexplicably dead. The red-winged blackbirds fell near a tiny town of Beebe. Can you imagine seeing thousands of birds falling from the sky?

And thousands of dead fish have washed up on shore in a 20 mile stretch of shore on the Arkansas River.

And guess what. Scientists, once again, cannot explain either mass species death. Shocking.

The end really may be near.

Happy new year.

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