Wednesday, February 4, 2009

At Least You're Not A Teenage Girl - Good News Wednesday XXXIV

Do you like texting? Do you like facebook? Do you like obsessing over your failures in relationships while texting and using facebook? Are you a teenage girl?

If you answer yes to these questions than it isn't Good News Wednesday for you. But if you answer no to any of these questions then you may not be depressed! Good for you!

According to a report out of Stony Brook University in New York, via an article in the, "Girls can be prone to anxiety and depression by talking too much to their friends through texting, email and social networking sites such as Facebook." (

"Repeated conversations among adolescent girls, known as co-rumination, can be unhelpful, particularly if it is about romantic disappointments.

Frequently discussing the same problem can intensify into an unhealthy activity for those who use Facebook and other electronic means to obsess about it, according to the researchers." (

So, since I'm one of the last people on the planet not on facebook, I'm feeling pretty good about myself this wednesday. The fact that I am not a teenage girl also helps.

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