Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Large And In Charge, Are You Kidding Me?

In the news of the "holy crap, really?" variety, from ScienceBlog via an EIGN reader we have this story out of the University of Hawaii:

Fat women have more sex than you. Unless you are fat in which case you have more sex than half of the women in this country. (You should click through the first link here for the pictures associated with the article, if nothing else.)

"...you might have heard about a study out of the University of Hawaii that found overweight and obese women (BMI>25) had 'more sex' than normal-weighted ones. The study was all over the news because it challenged what we would generally believe - after all, 'skinny' women are hotter, so they should have more sex." (scienceblog)

So it turns out they get more sex "because of a lack of impulse control" and are more prone to say "yes" when sexually propositioned, probably because they think it's such a rare event. This just seems to be so sad. Find your self esteem people. It has to be around you somewhere! (PS: Try checking under that twinkie.)

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