Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Social Networking Could Kill You

"People's health could be harmed by social networking sites because they reduce levels of face-to-face contact, an expert claims." (bbc.co.uk)

We sort of talked about this stuff a few weeks ago, but this version of the story, via the bbc, adds a few more terrifying quotes that I wanted to share.

Dr. Aric Sigman, the author of the study the story referenced, is quoted extensively in the article:
Dr Sigman also argues using electronic media undermines people's social skills and their ability to read body language.

"One of the most pronounced changes in the daily habits of British citizens is a reduction in the number of minutes per day that they interact with another human being," he said.

"In less than two decades, the number of people saying there is no-one with whom they discuss important matters nearly tripled."

Dr Sigman says he is "worried about where this is all leading".(bbc.co.uk)

So are we.

I wonder if writing a blog counts as "social-networking." [yes, it does -.ed]

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