Friday, February 20, 2009

Global Warming + Asteroid = Death... Asteroid + Nothing = Just Annoying.

A gigantic asteroid isn't enough. Turns out you need a gigantic asteroid AND GLOBAL WARMING to cause a mass extinction. Who knew? Given what's been "happening" with "global warming" the last few "years" it looks like we're close. Come on asteroid, where are you?

According to discovery news,
"In a recent paper in the journal Paleobiology, [Nan Arens] and colleague Ian West argue that there are two types of events that can cause extinctions -- "pulses" (quick, deadly shocks, like comets) and "presses" (drawn-out stresses that push ecosystems to the brink but may not kill outright, like million-year-long volcanic eruptions)." The chances of mass dyings go way up when both happen together, argues Arens.

So those idiots that said the dinosaurs were killed by a comet were partially right, and the people that said the dinosaurs were killed by global warming were partially right. But that idiot that said they were killed by cigarettes was way off.

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