Friday, March 14, 2008


the Mayan civilization was quite advanced when it came to time-science knowledge. their main calendar is the most accurate on the planet. it has yet to err. it will only need to be adjusted by one day in 380,000 years (or something along those lines). that is of course if we're around to see the sun rise on 12.22.2012. their calander is due to end 12.21.2012 (and presumably restart?). some 2200 years ago they predicted an apocolypse open up and rain hell on December 21st.

The accuracy of their calanader can be largely contributed to their mastery of astronomy. See below for visual of just how adept at this they were:

the El Castillo pyramid, Chich'en Itzá, annually marks the shift into the spring equinox by casting a shadow on the stairs, which traces out the body of a serpent. the shadow slinks down each of the 91 steps and culminates at the base with a giant snake head sculpture (see the left staircase in the photo above). the fact that this was designed to happen - and actually does, is fucking mind blowing. when you accomplish that without a god damned computer, maybe i'll believe you when you say shit isn't going to hit the fan come 12.21.2012.

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