Tuesday, March 25, 2008


getting reamed by ticketmaster (TICKETBASTARD, ticket-whore, etc) is always a pain in the ass (pun intended). but seriously 5 dollars for a convenience charge? 2.75 for a processing fee? (the credit card transaction cost for them is NO MORE than 25 cents and more likely a few pennies. (which are useless anyway)). and best of all: 4.75 for a Delivery fee for tickets i PRINTED on my OWN F'n COMPUTER. I should be getting a discount from them for doing that sort of thing.

what does this have to do with EIGN you may be wondering. well first, i wanted to vent and two, big business is destroying american. and the world. you know. all that oil. or slave labor in poor countries. or price fixing. or screwing the little guy. or destroying the environment. or destroying our souls. or whatever.

share you stories. boycott.
(not as easy as it sounds.) (ticketmastersucks.info)

fuck you ticketmaster.

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