Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good News Wednesday XV: No More Ugly Girlfriends

Not exactly end of the world material, unless you consider what might happen to the human gene pool if more ugly people started breeding...

Good news for all of you guys with ugly girlfriends: You can now order Ugly Bags (see picture) in bulk. Simply put over your girlfriend's head and instant attraction. (If you like that 1970s Charlies Angels look) Or keep a stash at your place, doubling the amount of girls you might find acceptable to bring home your parents.

[UPDATE: 10:47am]
Attention Female FEIGNs (Friends of EIGN): dcgrrl18 pointed out that you can find the male version of the UGLY BAG here. So now we can eliminate ugly boyfriends or boy-toys too.


dcgrrl18 said...

Can we have a lil' equal opportunity. Female EIGN readers, do not fear. There is a male version available for you too

Please note: Two bags are recommended for Xtra ugly.

Gifting ugly bags is not recommended.

.jeff. said...

Sweet. I wanted, but forgot, to look for the male version. Sorry female FEIGNs.
I wish I had found this years ago, my life would probably be a whole lot different right now.
Readers, it is okay to gift these to me; keep this in mind as a birthday present. But hopefully you'll think I'll only need ONE.

jg3 said...

hahaha ... you called them "parents"! hahaha