Thursday, July 31, 2008

Enslaved Bees Spreading Disease To Free Bees

For some random reason, perhaps because it could result in the end of the world, bees get a lot of coverage here at EIGN.

And just the other day we came across yet another story about the decline of the bee. The website brings us the story (and some nice pictures) about how commercially raised bees are escaping (these are probably the bees that are pretty pissed off) and spreading disease to their free, and healthy, brethren. The original Reuters story linked to by inhabitat can be found here.

"For years, researchers have been linking a decline in bees to everything from pesticides to genetically modified crops, and now the news is pointing to the bees themselves - the ones that humans “create” in greenhouses."

Awesome. When will everyone learn.... we can't piss off the bees. The risks are just too great. From being attacked to starving to death because they can't pollinate.

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