Wednesday, July 2, 2008

GNW XIII: Are you sarcastic? Good, that means you're evolving

A neurophysiologist at UCSF apparently has discovered/decided that sarcasm is an important part of human interaction. (wait, really? important??)
Evolutionary biologists claim that sociality is what has made humans such a successful species. We are masters at what anthropologists and others call "social intelligence." We recognize and keep track of hundreds of relationships, and we easily distinguish between enemies and friends. (
Right, because everyone I know is so "socially intelligent".

I think this example of why sarcasm is such a great evolutionary trait, and my favorite quote from the story, is this:
It's also easy to imagine how sarcasm might be selected over time as evolutionarily crucial. Imagine two ancient humans running across the savannah with a hungry lion in pursuit. One guy says to the other, "Are we having fun yet?" and the other just looks blank and stops to figure out what in the world his pal meant by that remark. (
Did you get my sarcasm? What a stupid quote.

So, if you haven't figured it out yet, this is good news for me because I am sarcastic. And while I might not always be that funny with my sarcasm, at least I get it when someone else tries to be. I won't be tricked into being eaten by a lion anytime soon. Suckers.

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