Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Saving for a Rainy Day

Dolphins, tricks, trash, and the future - this article links them all. And certainly in a manner more alarming than you're thinking. Not long ago there was a post about a monkey using brain power to manipulate a robotic arm to feed itself, now allow me to introduce you to Kelly, who has certainly pared if not one upped that course.

"All the Dolphins at the center are trained to retrieve trash that has mistakenly fallen in to their pools. Upon seeing a nearby trainer, they are to take said trash to the trainer. In return, they receive a fish for their cleanliness.

However it seems that Kelly has found a loophole in the system, and is exploiting it to interesting ends. She hoards her trash, underneath a rock at the bottom of her pool, and when she sees a trainer she goes down and removes a piece of paper or trash to get her fish. However she won’t use all her paper at once, instead she holds on to them for the future. It is an interesting behavior, considering that it is very much like humans storing food for the winter; it displays an awareness of tomorrow." (daily galaxy . com)

Well... sounds to me like the word has gotten out in the marine mammal community. Perhaps we should be following their lead and start stock piling for the impending shit storm. 12.21.2012.

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