Monday, June 23, 2008

Evolution is a bitch... or in this case a jerk

This just isn't right. 34 year old married man, born female, is getting ready to give birth. (nytimes) The paper says "anyone who has turned on a television, linked to a blog or picked up a tabloid in the last few months is aware [of his pregnancy]." I wasn't, until this morning. And now I'm terrified. As a former roommate once told me, "You live under a rock." (Or was it many former roommates... hmm) Where the hell is the baby going to come out? Wait, no, I really don't want to know... I wish I was still under the rock on this one.

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jg3 said...

Thanks, now you've kicked my rock out from over the top of me, too. Greeeeat.

I don't begrudge people the opportunity to transition from one gender to another, but I am not cool enough with it to give them free license to propagate.