Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cost of Popcorn set to Skyrocket

With the increasing cost of food, bio-fuels, transportation, water, life, etc., going to the movies is about to get even MORE expensive. (EIGN wants to know why it's already so expensive to get popcorn at the movies. Maybe this book can help.)

The cost of popcorn is set to rise dramatically in the coming months. Says Popcorn guy Dennis Kunnemann, "This year, we've paid the highest price ever that I've contracted for, 13 cents a pound, compared with 9 cents per pound in 2006." And that's in Canadian currency. With the dollar the way it is--ie: bad--who the fuck knows what that means for US consumers. (citynews.ca)

Two reasons why I'm not worried about this: 1. I don't go to the movies. 2. I hate popcorn. Take that suckers.

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jg3 said...

I think the fact that all this news is coming out of Canada just highlights the fact that American's just aren't paying attention. That, if nothing else, is proof that nova is, in fact, where we're headed.