Friday, June 6, 2008

Bees, bees, everywhere

"Bees from opposite ends of the Earth can communicate more easily than people, a discovery that suggests bees can learn a new language easily." (

Apparently if you put honey bees from africa alongside honey bees from asia, among other places, they are able to learn each others "dance languages" and "communicate." Seriously, bees can learn? WTF. First they tell us that bees are going to die via some crazy colony collapse disorder (which Pete talked about here).

We also talked about how the bees are beginning to not do their jobs because of pollution. But learning a new "langauge." We're screwed either way. Basically the bees are going to disappear and our environment will start to collapse, or bees from around the world team up and take over the planet. (They have already started their initial attacks). I, for one, am now officially terrified of all bees, and not just this one. The only good news is that being stung won't turn you into a zombie...I hope.

UPDATE 11:22am from Pete:
This guy set fire to a shed trying to get rid of bees. He won this round, but wait until the bees in asia here about this. (AP)

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