Monday, June 9, 2008

Scary Food Stories Are So Easy To Find

Nearly every major paper or on-line news site has some story regarding serious food issues glaring back at me on their homepages this morning. Starting with this little nugget about salmonella in raw tomatoes. (sfgate)
More importantly, however, there is a story on msnbc about how higher costs of food are causing school lunch prices to sky-rocket. In some cases by as much as 50 percent! (msnbc)
Oh and then there's the story about how Immigrants in the Washington DC region are sending food home to their families in the countries they left for a better world. Prices and availability is becoming so bad in some countries such as the Philippines and Haiti that it is now cheaper, or in some cases even possible, to eat necessities such as rice. (wapo)
Oh, and last but not least, apparently the cost of water is going up. WATER. (the street via yahoo)

All of these stories come back to increasing energy prices. I'd say we're all up shit's creek, but it probably now costs too much to even get there.

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