Friday, September 12, 2008

Sorry I'm Late, I Was Out Spoiling My Liver, I Couldn't Wait, The Sun Was Up For Far Too Long Today

Three mortal sins of man: smoking, drinking, gambling. Haven't we learned that the bible forbids these type of things?

But it looks like we're turning to these vices, in light of the rock hard times, with increasing ferocity. (wapo)

"Life's guilty pleasures usually thrive during tough economic times. Though we may forgo new frocks or fancy dinners out, we have traditionally turned to the three big vice industries -- gambling, smoking and drinking -- to help ease our pain." (wapo)

However, the Post points out, "But this time around is different. Smoking has fallen into such ill repute that many municipalities ban it. Fuel costs have made driving or flying to a casino a pricey proposition, and gambling has become almost an afterthought at many of the lavish new ones. Now it seems the only acceptable -- and affordable -- sin left is alcohol, namely beer." (wapo)

"I'd certainly chose food over beer," one man is reported to have said in the post article. Great, and these types of people are everywhere. There's no escaping them. If only they'd all choose food over beer, then they wouldn't be around any longer to pollute the rest of our gene pool. But given the number of alcoholic sinners out there I feel safe to say it's the end of the world, indeed.

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