Monday, September 8, 2008

God It Pays To Be Short Sighted: a few monday morning updates

* "A computer worm that ferrets out passwords managed to stow away on laptops aboard the International Space Station, NASA has confirmed. It is not the first time a NASA computer has become infected." ( I think the best part of that story is the implied browsing of internet porn by astronauts.

* "Unthinkable Happens: Manhattan Apartment Prices Fall" (nysun)

* The government is taking over the US economy. What happened to capitalism in this country? Anyone remember that if you fuck up you fail. Now, if you fuck up (and are a big enough company) you get bailed out by the government. (nytimes)

* We now have to share the woolly mammoth with Russia. Freaking communists are now trying to steal our extinct, pre-historic animals? Bastards. (nytimes)

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