Thursday, September 18, 2008

Slow Down, You Throw Too Fast, You've Got To Make The Moment Last

Imagine you're nine. And you can pitch 40 miles per hour. It doesn't matter that even I probably couldn't hit it. (okay I probably could, barely, but still...) And then you get banned from pitching. (espn)
This is what we're teaching our kids, if you're too good at something we will force you to stop. Or if you're too bad at something we will prop you up. (latimes)

""I feel sad," he said. "I feel like it's all my fault nobody could play,"" the boy said. Cheer up Jericho Scott, it's not your fault. It's the man's fault.

All those crappy players need to learn that sucking at something, in this case baseball, in life is normal. I wish I learned that at nine instead of nineteen, by that point my idealism was crushed AFTER I developed it, not before. Oh to be 10, cynical and depressed.

Most disturbing part of the story: "Local attorney John Williams John Williams was planning to meet with Jericho's parents Monday to discuss legal options. "You don't have to be learned in the law to know in your heart that it's wrong," he said. "Now you have to be punished because you excel at something?"" Aside from the wonderful use of the phrase "learned in the," fucking lawyers have to get their dirty hands in everything. I wonder if you can sue kids for being cry babies. That would set an awesome precedence.

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jg3 said...

"League attorney Peter Noble says..."

Only in Connecticut do little leagues have attorneys.

This kid's only mistake is that he wasn't born Dominican.