Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'll Take "Having a Great Time, Getting Fired" for $400,000, Alex

Apparently you can rock out with college girls on a boat, get drunk, have your picture taken (from a crappy cell phone by the looks of it) and then be forced to resign with a $400k severance. Sign me up!

"An Iowa community college president resigned less than a week after a photo was published appearing to show him pouring beer into a young woman's mouth.

Iowa Central Community College's Board of Trustees voted unanimously yesterday to accept Robert Paxton's resignation and approved a severance package that officials said was valued at about $400,000.

Mark Crimmins, the president of the board, said although the incident happened in Paxton's private life, "it reflected poorly on the college." (
Anyone else think that guy (top left) is the whitest man alive?

Thanks to ICCC for perpetuating the absolutely astonishing practice of rewarding the rich for their stupidity and letting them get away with anything.

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(Thanks to EIGN reader jenn for the link.)

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