Thursday, January 22, 2009

Polaroid Going, Going, Gone. Bionic Eyes. Wait! We Knew All This Already

First it was NPR, now it's the Washington Post. Two stories I came across in the last few days that the post is just catching up with that we talked about in November and December. I guess this whole blogging thing really is catching on.

The first, Polaroid film is going the way of the saber tooth tiger. (Hear that dodo? Nobody cares about you anymore). We ran the story on December 12th, the post ran the story this past Sunday.

Second, we ran a story about an artist in San Francisco trying to get a bionic eye back on November 25th. The post is running that story today.

Come on Post! Catch up! You can do it! (lets skip over the fact that we only had these stories because we got our information from cnn and the ny daily news and pretend we actually did something on our own)

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