Friday, December 12, 2008

Polaroid Film Goes Extinct

Polaroid film is about to go away. And people are sad.

"For me, watching a Polaroid picture develop is like watching a memory form right before your eyes," [Sean] Tubridy wrote on his Web site.

"With instant film, you don't get to make the choice of whether or not a picture is 'good enough' to make a print. You can't just hit delete because someone was making a weird face, or the framing wasn't quite right or in some way the image doesn't live up to the unattainable idea of perfection...

"It's life, and chances are, we'll find it in a box years later and be thankful that we have it -- dirty shorts, nervous smile and all." (cnn)

Stock up now, you only have a few months left. There may be a few options after the film finally disappears, but it's not the same.

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[actual polaroid image courtesy of HST]

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