Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Guest Post: World of War(craft) Drop Outs

This guest post was written by friend of EIGN jg3.

With a tip of the 'ol fedora to SIA, we should note that the head of the FCC (and why the FCC is beyond me) is blaming the addictive nature of the video game World of Warcraft for the huge rate of college dropouts. (PDF, Page 10 ... and note that although she cites her source for a lot of the statistics she uses she gives no hint as to which orifice she pulled that "fact" out of)

While this is, on its surface plausible, sad, and humorous, the possibility that she might be wrong is even more terrifying. I mean, it might be possible that our country's compulsory education system is such a horriffic failure that kids who get to college today are too stupid to handle the requirements. Is it possible that our public school system has taken all of the innate joy out of learning for our children and once they get to college, with a room of their own and a high speed internet connection and a meal plan, that none of their classes are anywhere near as cool as shootin' dudes online?


I can only hope that these young dropouts have figured out that America's now-depleted military forces need an influx of new people who know how to use computers and guns. Despite being the stupidest, we can still be the safest superpower on earth.


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