Thursday, December 11, 2008

Acorns Missing

Around the greater north eastern part of the country, and parts of canada, acorns have disappeared this year. What does this mean for squirrels and other small mammals around the area? Nobody really knows. Acorn watchers (yes there are such people) can't seem to find any, in some cases. And here's what's happening, "calls started coming in about crazy squirrels. Starving, skinny squirrels eating garbage, inhaling bird feed, greedily demolishing pumpkins. Squirrels boldly scampering into the road. And a lot more calls about squirrel roadkill." (wapo)
As for ideas, "many skeptics say oaks in other regions are producing plenty of acorns, and the acorn bust here is nothing more than the extreme of a natural boom-and-bust cycle. But the bottom line is that no one really knows. 'It's sort of a mystery,' Zell said." (wapo)

Who cares about a squirrel that can't eat this year? Not me, but I don't need to tell anyone what happens if the trees stop reproducing.

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