Tuesday, January 27, 2009

200 !!!

Well, we've made it to 200 posts. Which is about 100 times more than the average blog created over the last 10 years on the internet.

So what do we have for you in this 200th post? Not much.

* Although I guess there is some good news, of the no news is variety. There haven't been any new press releases out of CERN in the last 6 weeks. Maybe that Large Hadron Collider thing we talk about sometimes blew itself up but didn't take the rest of the earth with it.

* We have had a total of about 37 comments over the last 199 posts. And probably 15 of those were by me and another 15 by our one guest contributor.

* We have lost a total of 1 girlfriend and 1 friend due to the writing of this blog. Probably because it's pretty sardonic and disturbing to know someone that writes an (often, but not always) tongue-in-cheek blog about the end of the world. Or maybe because we're just pathetic.

Thanks for reading. We'll see you at 300.

[photo caption: "pull me and everything will be okay"]
[by eign staff photographer]

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