Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Agnostics are Downgraded Atheists... Atheists Are Bloody Idiots

Atheists are advertising their heathen message by taking out ads on the sides of those crazy red buses in London.

Examples: “There’s probably no God, Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” or “Atheism: Sleep in on Sunday mornings.” (via nytimes)

I love my sleep as much as the person, but that's what Monday through Saturday are for. Sunday is God time.

More terrifying than this blasphemy appearing on British buses is that they appear to be heading to the good ol' USofA...
Inspired by the London campaign, the American Humanist Association started running bus advertisements in Washington in November, with a more muted message. “Why believe in a god?” the ads read, over a picture of a man in a Santa suit. “Just be good for goodness’ sake." (nytimes)

The moral fabric of the world is being torn apart at the seams, it seems. How can we stand for this? Where is the outrage?

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jg3 said...

saw a WAMATA bus with one of these signs last November/December @ WFC. They're already here!