Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This Is Not Good News Wednesday

Good News Wednesday is off today. There is no good news. Seriously. Go find some and send it to me. I'd love to hear something, anything, good.

Short updates:

*An Island in Australia removed all the feral cats. But now the rabbit population has exploded and destroyed much of the islands "fragile vegetation." (AP via yahoo)

*3.4 million! Americans say they have been stalked in their lifetime. (chicago tribune)

*Idiots can now "Botox" their eyelashes. Female readers of EIGN, please be aware. An informal survey of men I know shows that the men really don't care all that much about the length or thickness of your eye lashes, just that you have them. (nytimes)

*Now you can read EIGN on the plane. Who the fuck would want to read a blog about the end of the world on a plane? (chicago tribune)

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