Monday, April 21, 2008

The immigrants will continue to find a way, but the animals won't.

Attention US government officials, causing species extinction is so 1980s, get with the program.

"The debate over the fence the United States is building along its southern border has focused largely on the project's costs, feasibility and how well it will curb illegal immigration. But one of its most lasting impacts may well be on the animals and vegetation that make this politically fraught landscape their home." (wapo)

Endangered animals such as the ocelots, jaquars, and the sonoran pronghorn, the latter of which only 100 are currently thought to exist in the world, will soon face potentially insurmountable obstacles (ie: a big wall) to their species survival.

Three cheers for the current US administration waving environmental protection laws in order to build one costly fucking wall. (sfgate)

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