Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good News Wednesday II

Okay, so this may only be good news for people in the EU countries. Or rather good news for the small (or large?) percentage of assholes in the EU. For you annoying shits, you will soon be able to use your cell phone while on EU flights. Thankfully the US hasn't lifted this ban, and if they do I'll never fly again. (AP via fox news)

Good news for breast lovers: Apparently a television station in Venezuela pulled the animated cartoon 'The Simpsons' off of it's airwaves because of concerns that it is inappropriate for children. The BEST part is what it was replaced with... Baywatch Hawaii. And unlike the simpsons the channel has received no complaints about the baywatch airings in the 11am timeslot. Go figure. (sfgate)

This is only good news because it is so funny: "A 70-year old Wal-Mart worker beat a 81-year-old fellow employee with a pricegun inside a Florida Wal-Mart." (consumerist)

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