Thursday, April 3, 2008

BUM-BOT in atlanta

A local bar proprietor in Atlanta has created a new way of dealing with an increasingly large homeless population that congregates near the entrance to the bar. A ROBOT....
"An infrared camera and a 2 million-candlepower spotlight are mounted on the turret under a homemade cannon, which squirts jets of cold water at up to 200 pounds per square inch."
How long until this thing turns on its creator?
But, it turns out, it's remotely controlled by the owner. So maybe it's not going to be taking over anytime soon.
Even more scary is the sick enjoyment patrons are getting when they show the interactions with the BumBOT and the poor homeless people. "the Bum Bot's camera feeds into a big-screen television back at his pub, giving patrons a hyperlocal dose of reality TV." Hyperlocal reality tv will be the death of us all. (sfgate)

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