Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Suburban Sprawl: The Same Everywhere

Good news wednesday!

According to wired, suburban sprawl looks just about the same no matter where you go on the planet.  So now you can live on a caul-de-sac and eat McDonalds no matter where you are on earth.  You tell us the world isn't getting smaller.

The photos document a peculiar approach to urban growth, one that that dominates rather than accommodates nature. Pittman hopes his photos will contribute to a conversation about our other options as we develop further.
There’s a negative and a positive message, being that I think we’re not living in harmony with our planet, and with each other, and that in the end we’re destroying ourselves,” he says. “But my message is also that I think we can live in harmony with the earth, and we can live in harmony with mother nature. We don’t just have to have this attitude of conquering, because in the end it hasn’t really worked out well so far. There are alternatives; I don’t want to just paint this picture of doom.”  [wired]

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