Friday, May 16, 2014

Colony Collapse Disorder Cause Discovered?

Has the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) finally been uncovered? Perhaps, say Harvard researchers.
"Working with the Worcester County Beekeepers Association in Massachusetts, the researchers exposed 12 colonies across three locations to a “sub-lethal exposure of neonicotinoids, imidacloprid or clothianidin.” Neonicotinoids are popular insecticides that are chemically similar to nicotine. The scientists also observed six untreated control colonies at the same locations. The study found that all the bee colonies went about their business normally through the summer and fall, but by the end of winter six of the twelve hives exposed to the insecticide had been abandoned. One of the six control colonies was also lost due to an infestation by a fungus." [forbes]

So, the insecticides apparently are... working.   Sweet. 

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