Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Legal Twittering

How about getting served court papers by Twitter. Sounds Awesome, right? Well one court in New Zealand already allows it to happen via facebook, and they're sizing up the 160 character micro-blog site as their next means of screwing you over. I've railed against twitter before to my friends (yes, EIGN writers do actually have friends contrary to popular opinion), but I don't think we've taken up the topic of how Twitter is destroy the minds of the youth (and adults) of the world...

"Yesterday in the High Court, associate Judge David Gendall approved the serving of a court order via Facebook... Judge Glendall’s decision followed a similar move by an Australian judge in December, which saw a mortgage-defaulting couple notified via Facebook that they had lost their home." (nbr.co.nz)

How'd you like that? Login to check if any long lost elementary school girlfriends have written on your wall and you find out you've lost your house. Talk about the biggest Fuck You I can think of. Looks like someone didn't just write on their online wall either.

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