Monday, March 9, 2009

Brief Update- Stem Cell, EDT, Less Girl Scout (Cookies)

We haven't forgotten you. Everyone has just been out of town. One to the great white north, the other to the great white beaches of the carribean and one just checked out in his head. (Sorry about this)

We're back with a few bits of updates from the past few days. And hopefully a more detailed (or, knock-on-wood, funny) post at some point.

*President Obama is in the process as I write this of overturning Bush-the-Great's ban on stem cell research. "President Barack Obama is ending former President George W. Bush's limits on using federal dollars for embryonic stem cell research, with advisers calling the move a clear signal that science — not political ideology — will guide the administration." Sure, science, that's what they all say. It's like statistics, 95 percent of the time you can make them say whatever you want. (ap via sfgate)

*Old man accidentally hits a number of girls selling Girl Scout cookies outside of a grocery store in california. No word if he was pissed about them putting fewer cookies in each box. (sfgate, chicago sun times)

*Daylight Saving Time actually causes an increased amount of energy use. After extending it by a month in 2005, this Bush initiative will probably be repealed by Obama as well. (sciam)

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