Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Snippets - Bombs, Hearing Loss, New Marine Life, and That Band Named After That River

*Bombs Away... 10 Hours Later:
A new bomb is being developed that can circle above a target for up to 10 hours is being developed in England. (

*Maybe you should put away the ipod and make a new friend:
Study shows that portable music devices can cause hearing loss. Haven't they been saying that since the walkman first came out in, what, 1854?

*Further proof that the ocean is bigger than we imagined:
Hundreds of new marine species have been found in the Southern Ocean.

*"Oh, that thing again":
The Science Channel is currently talking about the Large Hadron Collider creating black holes on television right now in the middle of some show about the universe. You can't escape this thing anywhere.

*Some lyrics from a new record I just purchased that have an EIGN theme and I have to mention because it's playing while I write this:
"and this book you once read / says there's less people dead / at this point now than those who are not."

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