Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Good News Wednesday XXIII: Africa Is Splitting At The Seams

Okay, so maybe that isn't good news. But for scientists that study the formation of oceans (people do that??) this is a rare event and therefor good news; Africa splits down the middle, water pours in. Ocean born.

"Africa is splitting apart at the seams—literally. From the southern tip of the Red Sea southward through Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique, the continent is coming unstitched along a zone called the East African Rift. This spectacular geologic unraveling, already under way for millions of years, will be complete when saltwater from the Red Sea floods the massive gash. Ten million years from now..." we might have a new ocean on the planet. (scientific america)

This is just another example of how short our time on earth is. And how ridiculous it is that we study this crap that won't take place until long after we disappear from this planet. But still, since EIGN readers are on the early side of this news story (sort of.) I suggest we get naming rights for this new ocean. Any suggestions? Put them in the comments. What better way to leave your mark on the world than naming a body of water that won't form for 10+ million years. Have at it.

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