Thursday, May 29, 2008

Monkey Mind Control

Oh, we humans are so done for.
According to the journal Nature, scientists have observed two monkeys control a mechanical arm with just their thoughts. We can't even do that. (nytimes) The article is mind-blowing.

"The findings suggest that brain-controlled prosthetics, while not practical, are at least technically within reach." Oh New York Times, how can having a third (all-powerful mechanical super) arm not be practical??

This is further evidence that we'll all be robots soon. Just like how people leave those stupid wireless cell phone things in their ears all the time, even when not in use. Are they not aware that they look like idiots?

So I see two possible outcomes from this: 1. monkeys are going to take over the world. or 2. we'll be robots. If it has to be second option, I want to look like this.

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