Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hi, My Name is Whetney, and I'm a Douche!

We haven't really spent any time here at EIGN covering the financial crisis that has blanketed the planet the last 3 years. Which is ironic because it's way more likely to destroy society as we know it than el nino or the Large Hadron Collider. Besides, these guys and these guys do it so much better than we ever could.

But it's time to finally weigh in.Our trusty EIGN editor came across this story on the washington post this past weekend and sent it my way.

This man, seen below, Whetney Brockton, (aka Douchebag #1) is the personification of why our society is on the brink of collapse. This Princeton University student shouted at marching protesters passing through his yuppie university town that "We're the 1 percent." Someone finally admits to it...a drunk ivy league college kid no less. We assume he took the silver spoon out of his mouth long enough to shout "Get a Job!".

So now we know who to blame. Man up wall street, you have to hand it to this kid. He was outnumbered but he still had the balls to go out and scream it in peoples faces.

We're not sure how many laws we may be breaking right now... with the potential copyright violation of posting a screen cap of the washington post web site and, quite possibly, slandering one Princeton University student named Whetney Brockton, but we don't really care. That being said, if Whetney contacts us we will gladly remove edit this post provided he agrees to a rational discussion about how he's part of the rapid downfall of our society.

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