Thursday, December 30, 2010

EPA Kills Bees

Okay, the title may be a bit of an overstatement but according to some random site that we've never heard of that is obviously legitimate, a leaked government document says that the Environmental Protection Agency knowingly allowed a bee-toxic pesticide to be wildly used as a pre-treater for corn seeds. (corn seed pre-treatment? wtf?)

The pesticide, known as Clothianidin, is lethal to a variety of bee species including the I'm not yet extinct but I will be soon and you'll all be dead suckers honey bee and it's even rarer cousin, visible only for a few days each year, the halloween honey bee. (see photo below)

Thanks, EPA!

[images via and flickr licensed under creative comments so EIGN was legally allowed to post and modify this file for non-commercial purposes]

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