Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Not Afraid Of Global Warming

It's not global warming we here at EIGN are afraid of, it's the idiots that still don't think it's actually happening. We all (should) know that if we don't do anything about it we'll have done a pretty good job of changing this planets environment in an adverse way. And this will, unquestionably, cause significant changes in our lives. Florida may be completely under water--although it remains to be seen if this is actually a bad thing.

Global warming may, or may not, be the death of us all. Frankly I don't think we're going to make it to 2100 to see, but that's besides the point. But global warming isn't what scares me. It's the fucking idiots that continue to insist that it isn't happening.

The "Heartland Institute" ran a full page ad in yesterday's washington post (seen to your left) that says that scientists are avoiding using the scientific method and are using fear tactics to pressure Congress into enacting laws to protect us. However they say "an international survey of climate scientists found that few than half believed climate science was sufficiently established to give policymakers a sound basis for passing laws." Wow, a survey of "climate scientists" say that global warming isn't happening. But they don't mention anything about the numerous reports and years of study that were "repeated and verified" (you probably shouldn't have crossed that one out) by various government and non-government agencies that say global warming IS happening. Read more about a refutation of this, and other heartland institute "facts" at capital weather, a wapo blog.

Let it be known! This is what I screamed from my roof after seeing this advertisement... Global warming of the earth doesn't scare me. It's people like those at the heartland institute that are actually, and actively, causing the fall of man.

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