Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu 2 ?

Monica Hesse, of the Washington Post, writes this in today's paper:
"We are being ridiculous. We know we are being ridiculous. We cannot stop being ridiculous."
If by "we" she means the media, then yes, she's right. But, if she means the population at large, then she is dead wrong. Sure everyone is panicking at the slightest cough. Sure you've seen people walking around in surgical masks. Sure you want to either keep your kids home from school or keep your kids at school, away of home. But people... this may be the end. And if it isn't, at least it's good practice for when the next one happens.

Be afraid of getting the flu, but for the love of god stop watching television. Be scared of your neighbors, not that douche bag on CNN.

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