Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We'll Never See It Coming - Good News Wednesday XXXIX

Continuing yesterday's theme of stars out to destroy us, some Australian astronomers believe there is a star out there that may be poised to destroy all life on this planet. Wolf-Rayet 104, a star that's in the process of going SUPERNOVA, is at a right angle with the Earth. Okay, I know everyone hates math and astronomy, but bare with me. The right angle means that when the star finally implodes in on itself all the radiation shoots right at us. At the speed of light.

So keep those eyes peeled for gamma rays and, by all means, stay out of their way... oh, right, we'll never see them coming. That's the good news. That and the fact that it may not happen for hundreds of thousands of years.

The writes: "The EM-burst travels the speed of light so the only warning we'd have is dying - which most people will accept is a little too late." Only a little?

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