Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend Snippets - We Spend Because We Love, Avoid Hotels, Enjoy Trees While They Last, Life

Sorry for the neglect. We have been busy doing things like feasting on turkey, drinking beer, experiencing the number 9 and the letter g, driving, laziness and a variety of other things that have prevented this site from being updated in the last week. But fear not, we have nothing but bad days ahead to report on. And this weekend has brought plenty of world ending signs with it...

* Even though the world economy is crumbing around us everybody still went out and spent an average of 372.57 dollars per shopper this weekend. I am happy to say that I only spent money on food and drinks. (wapo)

* You should never stay at a luxury hotel again. (Your EIGN reporters do not have this problem)

* Brazil's amazon rain forest lost an area the size of Israel to deforestation in 2007-2008. Isreal. That's not a big place, but it's not a small place either. ( via digg)

* We may be able to create life soon. And not in that fun, old fashioned way. (sd reader)

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jg3 said...

wait ... what's the fun old fashioned way?